St0rytelling und Cartoons


Project “THE ARTIST WITHIN – Applied eMotion”

Workshop 2: Storytelling and cartoons


Dates of the Workshop

28.06.2015 – 06.07.2015 (9 days including travel days)

Day of arrival in Potenza: 28.06.2015 - Day of departure from Potenza: 06.07.2015

Working days: 29.06.2015 – 05.07.2015


Venue of the Workshop

Place: Potenza (PZ) - Country: Italy

The workshop will be carried out within the Europe Direct Basilicata office of the association EURO-NET (over 100 square meters spread on two floors) located in the historical center of Potenza.


Topics of the Workshop

The workshop wants to train learners to a first basic level for the use and production of video animations with programs that allow, in fact, the creation of animation and their video-editing


Language of the Workshop



Target group(s)

Learners with strong motivation and predisposition toward the areas of video production and animation, with basic skills to design/modeling, knowledge or predisposition to the use of computer tools for the creation of images (MAC platform and/or Windows). It should be better if they have, at beginning, good capacities in freehand drawing but it is not a must.


Expected number of participants

24 (4 from Hungary + 4 from Bulgaria + 4 from Poland + 8 from Germany + 4 from Italy)


Main activities / programme of the Workshop

The activity will be implemented in 2 fundamental phases:

1. Language-cultural-educational training (understanding of European citizenship, knowledge, exchange and comparison among participants, knowledge and visit of the geographical area in which the workshop plays, language lessons, etc.);

2. Workshop (theoretical and practical lessons in the classroom).

The workshop is designed to enhance the passion/aptitude for free-hand drawing and to allow the use of computer programs that permit to draw with the computer (as, indeed, Flash): to finalize the various projects, manual work must be accompanied by the study of software for 2D animation.

The workshop is targeted for use of Flash with practical exercises associated with the continuous theoretical concepts introduced. Indeed, the final part of the workshop will be devoted to a concrete example, namely the assembly of a "short clip" (video-clip of 2-3 min. max.) containing:

- a preload,

- a "movieclip" cartoon (scanning, coloring, editing),

- some animated phrases (titles of opening and closing credits, subtitles, ...)

- any buttons (like "replay" or else ...).


Expected outputs (especially in terms of the learning outcomes for the participants)

Learners will be able to use the main animation techniques to create 2D Flash movies addressed to the web and to the distribution on optical media, extending very much their employment options.


Accommodation and meals

The learners will be accommodated in hotel rooms equipped with all comforts in a 3 star hotel located at about 100 meters from where the workshop’s office. The hotel (Hotel Pretoria - will be reserved for each participant using a local travel agency.

Suggested Airport

Potenza is the capital city of the region Basilicata and the closest airport is Naples (160 km far from Potenza) - otherwise you can choose Rome (360 km far from Potenza). Some info about the city of Potenza are available in the attached file n.01 titled “Potenza description”.

NAPOLI (Naples)

We suggest you to fly to Naples airport (NAPOLI CAPODICHINO) that has also a direct bus to Potenza with the company LISCIO AUTOLINEE ( see the yellow flag in attached file n.02 “Naples Airport Map”. The LISCIO bus costs 8,10 Euro per way (the timetable and the costs are in the file n.03 “Liscio bus timetable”). Pay attention: not all the bus courses of LISCIO arrives and leave directly from the airport CAPODICHINO! Some of them arrives and leave from NAPOLI town: so please read carefully the file!

In case your flight cannot permit to take the LISCIO bus, you can take also from the airport the ALIBUS (a course every 15 minutes) to the Central Train Station of Piazza Garibaldi in Naples and then take a train to Potenza Central Station (for the trains see and click on the UK flag to have the English version).

ROMA (Rome)

From Rome you have to take a train to Potenza Central Station: see and click on the UK flag to have the English version. Here you can find all the trains to come to Potenza and to leave from Potenza.



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